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Re: Burn the Quran day

The internet is truly humanity's greatest achievement. How else would we get to read such masterful elaborations on this topic, like these:

After watching them burn MY FLAG and the goverment doing nothing about it, I say burn the books!! I thought we do not negoitiate with terrorists??? That is exactly what our goverment is doing..Makes me sick.
The muslims have proven the good Pastor correct when he said " the Quran is evil because it espouses something other than biblical truth and incites radical, violent behavior among Muslims". Islam is an intolerant religion full of ignorant zealots. We should all be burning their holy book just as they treat our flag and the Holy Bible in their countries instead of being a bunch of bleeding heart liberal wussies.
If it wasnt for us they would be eating sand and boffing their Goats. Time to play hardball!
The Constitution was made for Americans not people here on green cards and temperary permits. Its his right to burn just like it is for them. If the mosque is not about political gain then place the mosque on the bottom floor so it will not be over powering the city. And the American people that live there. Other countries have banned these mosque just for that reason. They are more than religion too the muslims, over there goverment rules religion. Get the picture.
Why does Obama point out the "right" to "freedom of religion"

when it comes to the Muslims building their mosque near ground zero


fail to point out the "right" to "freedom of speech"

when it comes to the Christian burning the Koran?

Obama "refuses" to comment on the "wisdom" of building a mosque near ground zero

but weighs in on the burning of Korans.

Rather interesting.
Wild Bunch I agree. So burning a so-called holy Bible called the Quran would be humiliation to the entire muslim religion......but mass murdering over 2,800 innocent people on 9/11 is not. Not only that but has anyone ever noticed that not ONE muslim....anywhere in the world....has ever gone on record denouncing the 9/11 attacks? If the Quran or Koran or however the hell it's spelled is a book on peace and love......where was the peace and love on 9/11? Where's the peace and love in muslims who burn the American flag or hate anything that America stands for? It's my belief that every last muslim in this country of ours needs to be deported out......and take their pagan worshiping religion with them!
Truly a symphony of reason.
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