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Re: Hashirama and minato are badass read theory here

Originally Posted by Tmoore View Post
for some reason i think will translate to sakura being present at the naruto sasuke fight when it happens.
She would need TON o' development for that to happen. Time skip would be needed and for her to become anywhere near useful enough to be present in that fight

that would also explain the jink kage relationship the jinks power coincides with the kages strength like the raikage uses brute force thats why killerbees moves are all overwhelming and powerful too. minato was fast and now that naruto has learned ftg. gaaras dad was known as the iron sand and gaara has the absolute sand defense.. get my drift?
Thats just Kishi's writing style. He like themes to match nin to village relationship and nin to sensai or relative relationship.

because of the fight madara is stuck in another dimension and is merely casting an astral image of himself using a zetsu clone for substance
Good part of you're theory. We have seen people project themselves at a distance in the past with the help Nagato and Zetsu
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