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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Trans by maaru @ FLOL

Unbelievable, the final Getsuga...

608 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/09/14(火) 18:12:26 IDu//rBuaP
イチゴ 見せてやるよ 最後の月牙天衝だ
Ichigo: I'll show you, the final Getsuga Tenshou.
藍前 なんだ その姿はーーー(藍前の姿の方が。。どうかと思ったけど)
Aizen: What, that form is--- (well, I wonder what he thinks about his form)

bleach DEICIDE22 

Underwater? Well, during that time in his mind--
白一護 まだ倒れんか 一護
Shirosaki: Haven't you fallen yet, Ichigo.
一護 倒れねえって言った筈だぜ 最後の月牙天衝ってのを聞きだすまでは な
Ichigo: Don't make me laugh, I'm not down yet. Not until I get what the final Getsuga Tenshou is.
白一護 教える気はないと… 言っている!!
Shirosaki: I'm tellin' you... I'm not gonna teach you!!

Shirosaki flies

一護(どうしてだ 本気で倒すつもりなら 最初の段階で俺を倒せたはずだ それくらい の力の差 がオレ達には あった
Ichigo: (Why is it, that if he really wants to kill me, then he could've done so since the very beginning. He's got that much difference of power between us.
本気で教える気が無えなら 戦いをやめて身を隠せばいい そのくらいの事は出来だハズ だ  ど うしてだ
If he really doesn't want to teach me, then just stopping this fight and avoiding me would be fine. He could've done just that. So why
どうしてこいつの剣からは 寂しさばかりが流れ込んでくるんだ)
So why is it that from his sword, flows such overwhelming loneliness)
The two exchange blows.
白イチゴ イチゴに向かう 一護剣を離す
Shirosaki faces Ichigo and separates him from his sword.

Ichigo is stabbed.

白一護 よく気がついた… 最後の月牙天衝とは私の刃を受け入れることでしか手にする ことはで きん…
Shirosaki: So you've noticed... The final Getsuga Tenshou can't be learned from any blade but mine.
一護 痛みが 無え… 
Ichigo: It doesn't hurt...
白一護 当然だ この天鎖斬月は本来お前自身… 受け入れれば貫かれる事に痛みなどあ ろうはず もない…
Shirosaki: Of course. This Tensa Zangetsu is originally yours... To be pierced by it will not cause any pain.
Tears spill from Shirosaki
一護 なんで泣いてんだ
Ichigo: Why the hell are you crying 
白一護 一護 この戦いを始めた時に言った言葉を覚えているか お前の護りたいものが  私の護 りたいもので はないのだと
Shirosaki: Ichigo, do you remember the words I said at the beginning of this fight? That what you want to protect is not what I want to protect.
一護 あア
Ichigo: Yeah.
白一護 私の護りたかったものは  お前自身だ 一護
Shirosaki: What I wanted to protect was... you, Ichigo.
一護 どういう意味だよ
Ichigo: What do you mean.
白一 意味は 技の極意とともにこの刃から直に伝わるだろう 一護 この技を使えばお 前はーー ーー
Shirosaki: I meant, that the main point of the technique is directly taught straight from this blade. Ichigo, to teach you this technique, you have to----

Aizen standing in mid-air.
一護 最後の月牙天衝ってのは 俺自身が月牙になることだ (黒髪ロン毛腰まで 顔は 鼻からし た包帯)
Ichigo: The final Getsuga Tenshou is to turn myself into Zangetsu. (His black hair flows all the way down to his hips, and bandages wrap around his face from the nose down)
一護 この技を使えば 俺は死神の力の全てを失う 最後ってのはそういう 意味だ
Ichigo: This technique is, for me to part with all the power of a shinigami, that is what the final form meant.

藍前 (まさか 私は死神とは別次元へと進化を遂げた事で 二次元の存在が三次元の存 在に干渉 できぬように
Aizen: (Impossible. I who, evolved beyond the dimensions of a shinigami, able to an existence of two or three dimensions apart from it, could not cross such a line
自ら意図的にレベルを下げて干渉させぬ限り 死神にも人間にも 私の霊圧を感じ取るこ とはでき なくなった
to intentionally lower your own level as far as your limits could go, not even as a shinigami or a human, to the point where my reiatsu could no longer even register it
まさか まさか 奴は  奴は 私よりも 更に上の次元に 立っているというのかーー ーー)
impossible. impossible. This bastard, this man, to stand and evolve beyond me is---)
藍前 馬鹿な!! そんなはずがあるか!! 人間ごと気がこの私を超えるなど!! そ んな事が ーーー
Aizen: FOOL!!! That such a thing could happen!!! THAT SUCH A MERE HUMAN COULD SURPASS ME!!! THAT SUCH A THING IS EVEN---

一護 刀を掴み
Ichigo grabs his sword
[MUGETSU] (Moonless sky)

次のページは開きで 空は暗闇 山
In the next page it opens with the sky filling with darkness

To bring everything back into darkness--!!!

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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