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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
yep, i thought so as well. but the twist really caught me by surprise. and how she quit. admirable. that's one of the reasons why Gathering Storm is one of my favorite novels. plot twists, Rands personal change etc.
Yeah, the way she quit was quite admirable. I knew had a feeling about the twist and that she wasn't like the rest.

what i personally don't like, is the character of Egwene. i'd have to go into detail, but i see her making things not easy for Rand and the Ash'aman. and the Ash'aman are fucking awesome.
With her, I think she'll ease off once she bonds Gawyn and sees the change in Rand. He didn't exactly help much with her by his personality change until recently. Also, with the Asha'man situation, that's more Taim's doing than Rand. Rand's been off trying to unite the nations and Taim's been building his own army for some darker purpose.

I know Jordan confirmed it, but do you honestly think Sammael is dead? The others said that someone was impersonating him from inside the ways and he was last seen by the Waygate in Shadar Logoth. I'm not certain that Mashadar or the blast of Balefire caught him. I'm not convinced of anyone being dead unless they get hit in the chest by Balefire, aside from Asmodean (hopefully THAT will be cleared up in Towers of Midnight, as it's driving me nuts).
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