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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
hm, may be right, but i don't like the whole way most of the Aes Sedai behave against the proper Ash'aman like those Rand trusts.
Most Aes Sedai are still unsure about Saidin being clean. It's difficult to break the fear from generations of men going insane because of the taint.

also a fucking interesting point is the Seanchan Empire. will Mat have any influence on tuon? can they make peace and fight of the dark one?
In The Gathering Storm Tuon's already displayed affection towards Mat that would lead people to believe she doesn't view this as a political thing anymore. When she declared herself empress she was thinking of Mat. It was the actions of her adviser that lead to the strife with Rand. I think Tuon will try to get Mat to help broker peace with Rand now that they all know the last battle is nearing. And once they realize he's not batshit crazy now.

also, dude, a feeling is creeping up, that sammael is indeed taim. or even asmodean.
Well, he's not Asmodean. His death was confirmed by Jordan in an interview, and during the meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod the Forsaken confirmed that he was dead.

As for being Sammael, Sammael's never been clever enough to go with impersonating someone else. Rand even confirms that Sammael's always been a head on fighter, he thinks in 1 direction. He obviously has connections with the Forsaken, as he used the phrase "let the Lord of Chaos rule", which the Forsake use almost exclusively.

maybe he is controlled by someone, like ishammael is now controlling Lanfear and the Moghedien(?).
I don't think he's in a Mind Trap. He doesn't have that paranoid feel about him like Lanfear and Moghedien do, especially when Moridin (he's not Ishamael now) caresses the crystals. He's also holding to a pretty arrogant personality, showing that he doesn't have anyone controlling him.

question, a lot of open questions for book number 13. what's up with the tower of Genjai? with mat being my second favorite cahracter i am looking forward to this one.
We'll figure out the Tower more in Towers of Midnight, as the title is a direct reference to it. Hopefully we'll see more of Slayer and figure out what the hell he's (they?) up to. He's still an unknown, even to the Forsaken. Though I have a feeling he'll end up fighting Perrin soon, since he's killing wolves and Perrin did wound him in the dream world.

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It's time indeed.

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