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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
yes, but they should believe it. if it wouldn't be, the last battle would be lost. although i liked when Rand bannished Cadsuane and went "hard as Cuellendiar.
Until the ending when he finally laughed. I'm not sure if the banishment will stay now, especially with her pushing the limits constantly.

yep, Mat already changed her. but she still has a the Travelling now. Rand will have a pretty hard bargain next time.
As long as she doesn't try to make him bow to the crystal throne, I think negotiations will go well.

seems so, but still, Asmodean was pretty cool. some more infos about his death would be nice.
Sanderson said it will be revealed somewhere in the next 2 books. As soon as he got Jordan's notes that was the first thing he looked up.

perhaps he is one of the dreadlords who will command the larger forces of trollocs and shades against the heros. like Katrina or Galina.
I'm leaning towards him being a new dreadlord. And Galina won't be involved, as she's bound to one of the Shaido Wise Ones and currently on her way to the Waste.

Moridin is Ishammael reborn by the Dark One. Or so i understood it. he still has the connection with Rand, which they made in Shadar Logoth with their Balefires.
He's Ishamael reborn, but he goes by Moridin now, or Nae'blis. He's still insane from using the True Power. And I'm aware of the connection he has with Rand, the side effects Rand has been feeling he's also been feeling. I have this nagging suspicion that he won't be the final final fight with Rand, but that Shaidar Haran will announce that he's the true vessel of the Dark One.

Yeah right, Slayer. i been waiting for that one two. maybe a forsaken, maybe a "spirit" like Birgitte.
They've already explained who he is. He's a combination of the souls of Isam Mandragoran (Lan's cousin who fled to the blight when Malkier fell to the trollocs) and Luc Mantear (Rand's uncle on his mother's side, who went to the Blight because it was Foretold that he would find greatness there). Both of these men became corrupted and their souls were merged to form Slayer. Depending on the world they are in is the form they take. Luc for the real world and Isam for the dream world.

"Blood and bloody ashes!" i can't wait till november 2nd...
I can't either. I just need to find some money to go pay for it >_>
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