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Re: Rikudo Sennin update

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
I say sharinnegans... sorry, shinanigans on this topic.

RS was the father of ninjutsu. He had two sons; one with eye techniques, one with the body/chakra characteristics of the RS. The clans we are talking about are merely decendents. The elder son was not Uchiha or any other clan. The younger son was not Senju or Uzumaki or whatever. These clans are just groupings of decendents that share common threads of genetics with these individuals of the past. I'm still not certain we have a grasp on what the hell Madara wants to reform the RS.

But if we are going to compare the techniques, well all techniques spawn from RS. The Uzumaki sealing is no different than anyone elses (as RS invented sealing and whatnot) so it is a real leap to say these techniques are a direct leap to the RS and thus Uzumaki are any more special. In the end, the key link is the relation between Senju and Uzumaki, who share a common ancestor.
i know that the first son and second son weren't exclusively senju, uchiha or anything else. what i was concerned was what if we say that rinnegan and sharingan both came from juubi; what ability did RS use to defeat the juubi? he wouldn't have a jutsu arsenal since he wouldn't have the rinnegan. He wouldn't have a massive chakra pool too cos i think he sourced the chakra from the juubi. what did he use against the juubi? does RS blood itself guarantee the perfect izanagi ability? I pretty much think it came after his godhood when he became the juubi's jink.
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