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Re: How are Karin and Kushina related?

Originally Posted by Sensei-Q View Post
I'd rather call her a Senju/Uzumaki hybrid. Cause she has epic age-changing stuff up her sleeve. And her chakra control is better than anyone elses. I'd say the Senju part is 10% Uzumaki 90%. Just her hair being blonde (&big tits). That's all.
I'm assuming that you are talking about Tsunade (based of the tits hehehehe). We know that her grandparents are Senju and Uzumaki. Therefore one of he parents is 50% of both. Now depending on what the other parent was the least Senju/Uzumaki Tsunade is would be 25% Senju and Uzumaki. At most she can only be 75% of Senju or Uzumaki. I don't know if this makes sense?
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