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Re: Create Your own Naruto Character or Jutsu

Name: Hidenori Yamamoto
Clan Kekkei Genkai: Copy any kekkei Genkei
Jutsu: Gem style

Jutsu names: Gem style: Gold touch Jutsu (All parts that the user touches turn to gold), Amethyst spike (Turns hands into giant spikes), Ruby Fire (Shoots small pieces of red hot rubies that bore into anything they touch), Sapphire Spear (Turns something the user touches into a razor sharp spear), Diamond bubble (Makes a bubble of diamond around user, protecting them from anything), Gold Rush (Use the 8 trigrams rotation while using gold touch jutsu, causing an ever growing spinning mass that turns all that touches it to gold), Last Resort: Crystal Revenge (Combines all the gems within a 12,000 mile radius into a giant ball that when hits the ground, creates a shock wave sending trillions of razor sharp diamonds around the world, shredding all that they touch.

Back story: When Hidenori was born, his parents saw a strange look in his eyes. They were solid black with 4 white rings in them. They assembled all the healers of the hidden mist but to no avail. He was to be killed for fear that he would be the devil. When the axe was raised to his head, His eyes grew wide and the village was engulfed in the gems that lay beneath it. Hidenori never ate drank or slept. He aged quickly and at age 36, he stopped. He became immortal due to his power. One day, he came upon a man. He wore a mask but the mask was a cover. He called himself Tobi. When Hidenori fought him, his eyes started to bleed and they turned into the sharingan. Tobi was soon killed. From that day on, Hidenori killed for fun. Tortured to cure boredom. Became the very thing his parents tried to prevent. When naruto fought him, he almost lost til the ninetails got in the way. Naruto was defeated and had the ninetails extracted from him and put into hidenori. Naruto almost died but sakura saved him.

Age: ???

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