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Re: yet another fail

It was PLOT that made her fail... if plot didn't put her in a position to where her only option WAS losing, it could've been different. Now that's one argument. Mine is that Kishimoto doesn't know how to handle his female characters, unlike someone like Hiro that does Fairy Tail. Kishi either has his female characters being completely useless from the start with no skills (sakura and hinata respectively) to people being badass but not used often (temari) or chicks that get no time of day and are only used to show off the skills of their opponents (ten-ten).

Then go to a time skip and THEY'RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME, yes their skills have improved but we're never shown this in the damn manga. That jutsu Hinata pulled off against Pain actually looked badass... too bad she was going up against arguably the strongest fucking akatsuki member (and ninja in the manga for that matter) to even demonstrate the move against... Therefore it was going to fail anyway. Sakura was actually VERY VERY useful during the first like... ten chapters of P2... then after Sasori was defeated, she was thrown to the waste side by Kishi (yet again, although in P1 she was always at the waste side) and her character turned into nothing more than a punching bag for Naruto and other characters.

Don't get me started on other characters that could've been badass but were taken out of the equation early on because we ever got to even care about them.. Kurenai, Anko, etc.. Characters not used to their full potential.. Kurenai became a baby maker and Anko turned into nothing more than a character that needs to be used whenever Kishi decides that he wants to REMEMBER that he created the fucking character in the first fucking place.

What it all boils down to is Kishi's blatant negligence of his female cast, turning them into nothing more than useless damsels in distress and baby makers. That was actually a bit longer than I originally intended.
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