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Re: yet another fail

That's stereotyping. Texas is about football don't get me wrong. But bull riding yeah its a thing in Texas just like it is in the rest of the Southern US. That would be like me saying New York is about
Jews and gang activity.

But yeah Texas has nothing to do with this manga and Fairytale does have a better story. Reading Naruto has become a ritual for me. In all honesty I enjoy the discussions that take place about the Naruto manga more than I do reading the manga.

Edit: Lol at Vengeance's last edit to the post above me
Edit: Also just to clarify this encase you're slow Naruto is a pro gay manga since the main character happens to be a homosexual. To say that this is a Texan manga is to imply that Texans in general are pro homosexual which based on your comment of "laughing at homo's" this clearly isn't what you were trying to say. This is why you fail at life.
Too bad there is no one to share the popcorn with

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