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Re: yet another fail

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Well to imply that this is a Texas manga is to stereotype the state in general. I was simply going with some of the more popular ones rather than the homophobic women bashing stereotype the person I was responding to was implying. What's wrong with liking bull riding & football I think they both kick arse which was the point I was trying to make anyway lol. I'm surprised that you'd get mad over that rather than being stereotyped as a bunch of homophobs who look down at women?

I'm not mad about the stereotyping. Hell I'm not even from Texas but my roommate is and so are a lot of my friends. Any time someone says something stereotypical about Southerners I try to correct them. People from the Southern US tend to get branded as uneducated rednecks by media and all sorts of people. I still do encounter some homophobic and chauvinistic people where I live. They piss me off because they reinforce those stereotypes.

So yeah Memphis your argument is fail
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