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Re: Narutard chat thread

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Purple, what program is your dad using to block websites? The elite members of OH would likely be able to easily figure out how to bypass that shit. And since they're all FTP heroes who hate fascism and censorship, they'd probably be willing to do it too.

Also, there are faggots at my house and they've been here since last fucking night. Unacceptable. I asked them if they ever heard of 'overstaying your welcome.' They haven't. = /

They're related to my crazy uncle. One is a massive ogre that I would love to battle. Since he's seriously massive. He's my fat cousin's husband. The other one is my fat cousin. She's my crazy uncle's daughter. They're over here because my crazy uncle has been living here because my aunt kicked him out, since he's crazy. I'm going to kick him out soon too, because he's letting fat chicks and ogres come over here. I haven't flipped total shit just yet because my sister is coming over here a little before four. And my fat cousin and my sister hate each other. Fat cousin doesn't know my sister is coming. My sister is a hardcore bitch, and will tell my fat cousin to go fuck herself. My fat cousin won't take that shit without a fight. So bracing for massive lulz.

Unfortunately I have to be at work by four. So if my sister is a bit late then I'll miss the battle. But just hearing about it afterward would make me lol heartily. So I'll live.
film that shit man, sounds like a sitcom
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