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Re: What book are you currently reading?

thread has 5 pages of WoT, just shows the epicness of this story and many more earlier on (why not do a page on A Song Of Fire and Ice: George R.R Martin)

Anyway, just read Lightbringer by Brent Weeks (now i'm fucked for worked), this is recommended to read if you love good and thrilling plot twist and big battle royale, but be warn not for the impatient or illiterate... since the magic system is fucking Original and World Class, this dude just keeps getting better and better

Now moving onto The Ask and The Answer: Patrick Ness this is also a trilogy but after I've finished this its back to WoT: Shadow Rising (which i've been told is the slowest and longest book to get through...dammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn)

@Aka: Which one you on now??
Which of these would you take home

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Here is a link to the sexiest thread ever

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