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Re: Wheel of Time chat thread

Originally Posted by Nerox View Post
well your one of the members i respect the most on here, speaking in internet terms. there are not many in that elusive circle :>

back to topic: so what should we discuss about if you are finishing book 3 any moment? perhaps one of my favorite scenes in book three is when Mat is fighting Gawyn and Galad and kicking their asses.
Thanks. And yeah, that scene was great - a little surprising, but really fun. I'm impressed with the direction Mat and Perrin are going. Not at all what I expected.

NN - it is one of the quintessential fantasy epics. It starts taking it's blue print from the LotR mold and then twists it sharply and keeps altering from there on out. The cast gets huge and there are a lot of players and rolls. I"m early, much of that is what I've heard but I can easily see it happening. Lots of good forces (some who hate each other) and evil forces (who I'm learning also don't think much of each other - which is AWESOME! I hate the evil power who has everyone lock step. So overdone.). I'm quite impressed so far and so much left to read.

The general plot is the combat the powerful evil lord who wants to rule all but is locked away and the rise of heroes to meet that force. There is magic, fighting, monsters, politics (some) and good humour. Your local library should have them or at least be able to find them. Worth it.
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