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Re: Wheel of Time chat thread

Not really similar because it uses regular prose and has a much more complex story and characters, but Tolkien did reintroduce the medieval and mythological themes, in particular the old english/germanic styles. Modern fantasy sprang from his fans more or less.

Book 1: Eye of the World was published in 1990 and they rolled out from there. The prequel which I haven't read was written 11th was published in 2004. <---- beware of any spoilers. I haven't sifted this wiki but it has the series by book. Use the jump link.

Just wait...there's a LOT more involved with Perrin and Mat. Mat especially takes a hell of a twist around book 7ish. Perrin just kinda falls into his future role, Mat avoids it like the plague but ultimately fails.
Yeah, it is interesting to see a series where main characters fight their role rather than just say "Oh - you want me to do something ridiculously dangerous for the world. Sure, why not? Evil things are trying to kill me anyway." Although, it is fun to keep hearing from people "oh, you just wait..."

I also like the whole woman vs man thing going on especially because the heroines have a strange knack for getting captured.

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