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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

I'mma do a 515 Now. Because I got a lot of ideas.
515 Prediction

Scene takes place on the island.

Guy is on the ground paralyzed..

Yamato: It will take days for Guy to get better.

Killerbee: Alright mothafucka its time to train

Naruto is very excited.

Motoi: Follow me.

Motoi, Naruto, Bee and Yamato have their back turned from Guy.

Suddenly a shadow appears over Guy..

Guy: Who the hell is blocking the sun from my youth?!!!!

The Giant Squid Returns.

The squid Grabs Guy.


Guy howls in Pain.

Killerbee: We gonna get rid of this squid.

Naruto: I have an idea! Bee launch me towards the squid.


Yamato: Roger!!

Yamato makes a couple of handseals

Naruto skyrockets towards the squid. As he nears the squid Naruto goes into sage mode and sends his fist thundering into the flesh of the squid causing it to release guy and plunge downwards.

Guy is released from the squid and Yamato's cluster of wood sprouts from the terrain to grab Guy.

Guy: OWH!!!!!!!!

Naruto uses Giant Rasengan on the squid causing a huge splash of water to erupt... Naruto face is wet.

Naruto: ....

Killerbee: That took care of that squid..

Yamato sweatdrops..

Yamato thinking: Did Naruto just went sage mode when Bee propelled him? Impressive...

-Scene switches to Darui and Motoi-

A bunch of fodder ninja joins the fight.

Darui: We got you surrounded.

Deidara: Oh really?

Deidara eats his clay.

Ao: This asshole is gonna turn himself into a bomb!!!

Ao: Byakugan!! He analyzes Deidara's chakra. If I can lacerate his central chakra reserve he might not able to do explosions anymore.

Ao rushes forth and sends his palms into Deidara's chakra points.

Deidara: !!!!!

Darui: HYAHHH!!!!

Darui swings his mighty cleaver with all his might, sending his lightning chakra into the serrated edge of the blade. The blade asunder Deidara's form into two.

Fodder ninja: ohhhh!!!

Ao: Tch!

Darui: Huh?

Ao: What is this? He's... coming back together..

Deidara gets up and stands once more.

Deidara: What? I am immortal like my art.

Ao: Your fucking art sucks!

Deidara: Oh?

Darui cleaves off Deidara's head. Deidara's head is sent tumbling onto the ground with his body still standing.

Ao: Darui. Stop. Back off. Something is causing this. That jutsu I performed should of killed him...

Ao: FALL BACK!!!!!!!

Ao, Darui and a bunch of fodder ninja uses shusin to get away from Deidara.

Deidara: BANG!!!

Deidara creates a huge explosion knocking back the ninja.

-Scene switches to Sasuke-

Sasuke: Samurai troops. Where is the Hokage?

Samurai: In that hut.

Sasuke: That was too easy... WHO ARE YOU!!

Samurai takes off their helmets

Juugo and Suigetsu.

Suigetsu: Bastard. You abandoned us.

Juugo: Why did you ditch us?

Sasuke: I thought you guys died back there. Heh.

Sasuke reveals his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and places Suigetsu and Juugo into a genjutsu. They end up being impaled inside of the realm and the scene shifts to the moon where it shows the sfx of Suigetsu and Juugo yelling.

Suigetsu and Juugo drops to the ground dead.

Madara: That was cold..

Sasuke: Looks from above.. Many shinobi..

Madara: I'll join. After all I managed to restore my power.

Next time: Uchihas vs The Alliance
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