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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

Originally Posted by SilverbladeVI View Post
What would be nice is that characters like Lee, Shikamaru, TenTen, Ao and other worthy characters would get some spotlight in this. Remove team seven out of the picture for a while. I don't know. Some people wouldn't like the fact that Sasuke been absent for a while. I mean the guy is MORE cooler than Naruto, because he doesn't cry(well thats a lie) and bow to others like a faggot.

I can see betrayal and twists coming. That would make a much better story.

Like the Mist betraying the Leaf. Setting up a perfect match for a psuedo Hyuuga like Ao and a psuedo Uchiha like Kakashi. Great battle.

The only concept that needs to go out the window is 100,000 zetsu clones. Because Shinobi like Darui, Chojiro and TenTen can take a lot of them out in terms of numbers.
I've got a few predictions coming up that are going to give some deserved spotlight for a few ninjas we haven't seen in action in the past 100+ chapters.

I think Madara should be able to cause an awesomely powerful war between the nations with this Zetsu army. I don't know exactly how Zetsu's cloning ability works but between Kabuto and Madara's resources and knowledge on Konoha they should be able to make a small force thats virtually identical to a group of Konoha ninjas. Hhe could have them attack some of the clouds forces.
I believe Killer Bee is going to get captured in the next 10-15 chapters because he wants to let Naruto and escape with Gai and Yamato. If Madara and Kabuto can set up Bee's capture around the same time as the Zetsu imposter force attacks then Konoha would be fucked. Rai would go into a rage and declare war on Konoha.
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