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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

Cheezy prediction time

Scene starts with Naruto and the rest on the island. Usual comic relief for this manga goes on…..

A snake is shown slithering towards Gai. Gai struggles to even speak
Gai: Ssssssnaake
Killer Bee smashes the snake with Samehada and proceeds to rhyme about how he hates snakes then Naruto starts to join in. After a few rhymes back and forth a small swarm of snakes starts to appear from the jungles next to the beach headed towards Bee and Naruto. The snakes stop right before them and begin to wait and hiss as Kabuto is seen walking out of the jungle.

Kabuto: My My Naruto you’ve grown since I last saw you.

Naruto without word or thought rushes towards Kabuto with a rasengan

Kabuto: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I’m sure you don’t want to see that green ape blown to pieces.

Kabuto points in the air towards Deidara. Deidara is seen dropping bugs made of his clay to the beach next to where Gai is laying. Naruto stops as soon as he sees this and his rasengan disperses.

Kabuto: That’s better.

Kabuto looks at Bee, Naruto and Yamato

Kabuto: If you value the lives of your comrades then you three will follow me.

Kabuto walks into the jungle. They Yamato is first to go into the jungle. Naruto and Bee both looked pissed off but follow.
As the three walk through the jungle they see hear hundreds of snakes hissing and slithering throught the trees. Kabuto stops suddenly and turns towards the three and smiles. Kabuto then walks towards Naruto and gets right in his face.

Kabuto: Please accept this gift I have to offer Naruto-kun. It will make things easier.

Kabuto lifts his arm up towards Naruto as a snake flies out of his sleeve and bites Naruto on the neck. Naruto falls to his knees with a sedated look on his face. Bee lunges forward about to punch Kabuto in the face when Naruto grabs Bee’s leg attempting to pull himself up

Naruto: Don’t forget about the Fuzzy Eyebrows Sensei

Naruto falls to the ground knocked out cold. Bee backs off and looks towards

Yamato has a strange puzzled look on his face

Scene flashes to the ground where a small pile of sand in the form of a hand is tugging at Yamato's pants.

Kabuto: Now for you Hachibi-san. The sleep is quite relaxing you don’t even feel the bite.

Yamato shifts his eyes towards the ground as a small amount of and is in the dirt moving around forming into a message saying “They are safe”

The snake coming from Kabuto’s sleeve is just about to strike when…

Yamato: Mokuton Mokujoheki!

Yamato forms a half dome of wood surrounding Bee.

Kabuto and Bee both surprised back up.

Kabuto: Well I guess you Konoha ninjas have finally learned to make tough decisions.

Yamato does various mokuton techs attempting to trap Kabuto. Kabuto deftly dodges all of Yamato’s wood techs. Kabuto smiles as an explosion goes off in the distance sending a shock wave through the jungle. But his expression changes from accomplishment to confusion as he sees Yamato with a confident look on his face.

The smoke clears and we see a half crater and a dome of blackened sand covering the spot where Gai was laying. The sand falls back to the ground as Gaara is seen staring at up at the sky where Deidara is. Gaara had a new addition to his outfit a tiny silver gourd at his waist in addition to his normal gourd.

Bee: Thanks wood guy. Take Naruto and get everyone to safety. This four eyed snake is going down.

-Next chapter: The Rematch of the Century(until naruto vs sasuke pt.2)
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