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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

There aren't as many predictions as last week. Write more dudes.

Here's mine.
Naruto chapter 513: They move out!

(Island scene)
Naruto: So this island is actually a giant moving turtle, huh?
Motoi: Yup. The hidden cloud village has nurtured this turtle for quite a while now.
Naruto: Amazing.
(A letter arrives from a bird)
Killer Bee: Now what should we do?
Motoi: Nothing. We just wait till they get here.
Naruto: They!?
Motoi: It looks like the Tsuchikage and the Kazekage are headed towards this island.
Yamato: What for?
Motoi: Now that Akatsuki knows where you are Naruto and Bee-sama, we have to take protective measures.
Killer Bee: Yo, we don't need no protection!
Naruto: Wouldn't it just be easier to get off the island?
Motoi: It says here that the allied forces are going to set up some sort of ambush. So until we know what it is, we are to remain on this island.
Bee: Whateva....When that Madara guy comes, i'am gonna fuckin bash his skull.

(Madara scene)
Zetsu: Kabuto's gone off. Do you think he'll be able to capture them? Especially the Nine-Tails since he's gained control of the Kyuubi.
Madara: We'll see soon enough. This is his chance to prove his loyalty to me. For now, we're heading to where the allied forces are.
(Sasuke comes form behind)
Sasuke: It's about time. Let's make a quick stop at Konoha first.
Madara: It would be a great opportunity to test your powers there.
(Sasuke smiles)

(Naruto scene)
(Naruto starts to walk away)
Yamato: Where are you going to Naruto?
Naruto: Oh, I was just going to train with my new powers since we're not doing anything for now.
Motoi: Be careful, Naruto-san.
Naruto: Sure.(He goes off)
Motoi: That Naruto's sure something, isn't he.
(Suddenly, a warp hole appears in front of them. Madara and Kabuto come out from it)
Killer Bee: What's that?
Yamato: Madara! Quick Motoi-san, get Guy-sensei away from here.
Motoi: Right!
Madara: I'am gonna leave you here to play for a while, when I come back, I better find the Hachibi and Kyuubi captured.
Kabuto: Just go already.(Madara warps away)
Yamato: We won't let you get Bee and Naruto!
Killer Bee: Leave this to me.(He starts charging at Kabuto)
Kabuto: Time to play.(Kabuto uses Edo-Tensei. He summons Kakuzu and Deidara)
Killer Bee: What the.....!?

(Allied foces HQ)
Raikage: Hang in there, lil bro.
Random Kumo Ninja: Raikage-san, we have information that the hidden leaf has been attacked!
Raikage: By whom?
Ninja: Madara!
Raikage: But why would he....Go alert all the other Kages. Be prepared to move out.
Ninja: Right!
Raikage: It looks like our plan has had a little change. But it won't matter.

(Island scene)
(Bee and Yamato are lying on the ground with their bodies covered in blood)
Yamato: This much..strength!
Bee: So this is the power of Madara's force.
Kabuto: Deidara, Kakuzu, finish them off so we can go after the Kyuubi.
(Kakuzu and Deidara attack them but are stopped by a huge wall of sand moments before impact)
Kabuto: What the...!?
(Gaara and Tsuchikage appear)
Tsuchi: Sorry we're late.

The End.
Next Chapter: It Begins!

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