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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
You wnat prediction confirmed. here's mine

Kage meeting room

Hokage: Do you think just moving the island is enough?

Raikage: Yes. But I will sent additional units to aid them.

Mizukage: Additional units?

Raikage: My team of personal bodyguards. I will sent them there.

Earth Kage: I've heard of them. Should I accompany them?

Raikage: NO!!!!

Island scene

Naruto: Wow a moving island, cool.

KB: Yes cool.

A messenger bird arrive.

Motoi: Seems your bro decide to send them to aid us.

Yamato: Them?

Motoi: Raikage personal bodyguards.

KB: Uhhh them. They are not just bodyguards. They do any job, that Raikage deems needs a personal touch.

Yamato: You mean.....

Motoi: The Cloud Sisters!!!! Oh man they are the best team ever. I really wish I have a team like that looking over me.

KB: Wow, mood change

Naruto: Who?

Yamato: Cloud Sisters. 6 kunoichi dedicate to guard the Raikage from anything. They are his personal ninjas.

Naruto: How personal?

KB/Motoi: Very.

Kabuchimaru and Deidara.

Kabu: Now where are they? Deidara, send small scouts and cover 20 miles radius around us. Island cant move, could they.....
This guy is gonna give me and TSO some serious competition.

Excellent prediction. Maybe Kishi can make up for Konan not disrobing.
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