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Re: Bullying leads teens to suicide in an Ohio school

Originally Posted by miburo View Post
how exactly did she fight back? Maybe i missed it. I guarantee you that if she actually fought back they would have stopped and moved on to someone weaker to pick on. Or stopped picking on people altogether, since that shit is getting them fucked up.

And no. No matter how much someone harassed me, i'd never consider killing myself over it. It isn't some inevitable outcome like you're making it out to be.

The school doesn't handle death threats over the phone. Police should have been called, and there isn't any indication that they were. So people can't be punished if you don't do something about it.

And name calling, especially shit like "slut-jana-vagina" isn't something people should be punished for. I mean, really? If i heard someone try using that as an insult i'd make fun of them, or throw food at them. I guess throwing food should get them a detention or something. Those things really aren't serious offenses.

One, where did they "tell kids to endure?" and two, who cares if you get slapped on the wrist with a stupid school infraction? I'd fuck anyone up who tried giving me shit, irregardless of whatever meaningless consequences i'd have with the school afterward.

And before people go "oh miburo, you're so awesome and loved by all, so you wouldn't understand what it's like being bullied like us lowly, weak narutards. = (" not true. When i was a wee lad i got picked on because i was quiet and too fucking blond. I didn't fight back at first, because i didn't want to get in trouble. Then my dad was like "man up, kick their asses" after i came home after a couple of them attacked me when i told them to leave me alone. (they'd get me as i was walking home from school) so the next day i did just that, shoved the one in one of those thorn bushes and tackled and punched the other one until he was a bloody mess. Then ripped the one stuck in the thorn bushes out and did the same to him. Never got picked on again until i moved. Some tough guy football player gave me shit my first day in my new school, and i beat the fuck out of him mercilessly and got suspended. Never got picked on again, and made a shit ton of friends because apparently everyone hated that kid.

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