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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

Hi This is my first prediction

Naruto and Co Seen

Naruto: so this island moves
Motoi: Yes
Naruto: i..i..i Think im goin to be ill
Motoi Dumfounded: you have been on this island for yonks and you get sea sick now, we don’t have time for this shit.
Naruto: the island wasn’t movin first
Mooti: wat difference does that make
Naruto: This ( he pukes all over Moti)
Motoi: Wipes off the puke then angry goes to attack Naruto but bee and Yamato strugglebut they are able to hold him back
Naruto: ahh that feels good im all better now moti sama
Naruto turns around to see moti furious and covered in puke, then runs as fast as can
Bee to motoi: calm down fool or I’ll through you in the pool
Everyone including Naruto: falls face first to the ground with stupid looks on their face cuase of the bad rappin

Madara and Zetsu

White Zetsu: Tobi
Black Zetsu: Madara
Madara: Stfu call me haritobimara from now on cuase I got harishmas Dna bitch
White Zetsu: U don’t need to be mean you Meany
Black Zetsu: oh just Stfu already be a fuckin man u wuss
White Zetsu: how do you know we are men we got no balls that why we are hainding in the sahdows and watchin the real men fight, anyway we got nothing at all down there so we don’t even know if we are male or female yet alone a man were fuckin ants you cunt
Black Zetsu: sniff sniff u don’t need to remind me of my genetic failures as a human
White Zetsu: whose bein a wuss now
Madara: u fuckin twats ur not human ur one of my experiments were I injected harishmas Dna into a venues fly trap
Suaske walks in with bandages over his eyes
Suaske; I wanna go to Konoha
Madara: no
Suaske on his ass like a baby: I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha, I want to go to Konoha,
Madara dumbfounded in his mind so this is the last surviving Uchia, bows his head in shame, Pitiful
He reforms hims self
Madara in a childish voice: common Suaske look wat I got here, it’s a elder
Suaske turns around grabs the elder and starts rapeing him literally
Madara in his mind: Disturbing and he can’t even realise that it is a Zetsu clone, he must of one absolutely bonkers
Suaske turns around with cum flowing out of his mouth
Next time Suaske gets pregnant

I couldn’t be bothered righting the rest but I’m new
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