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Re: 513prediction /spoilers

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
i want to see what Karin tells Konoha about Sasuke. Also what the hell happened to "hawk"? Who else thinks they will end up following Naruto? Poor Bee, alas you MUST die. don't want him to but it's kinda like a must now. i mean as long as BOTH Bee and Naruto have their beasts Madara is not gonna accomplish his goal. So in order for it to be close he has to take the hacibi from Bee.

Oh yeah, who else wishes Naruto would/could create a jutsu all his own? I mean so far he just improves or finishes someone else's techs.
I want to see If Naruto asks Karin about her red hair and family background, and what about her unique chakra ability that could give life to the nearly dead, if he knows about it or learns of it. I can see Huugo following Naruto. I see Naruto's new Sage Body being able to calm Huugo. Naruto will see his true, good nature and pull that one up front from the darkness, while chaining the evil one and throwing him back into the darkness with Naruto's mental chains genjutsu that he will learn to use to help Huugo. Honestly, Naruto's Sage body just close to Huugo would likely calm the urges with that effect that his body had on Yamato. I dont think Suigetsu is exactly Konoha material, but he does follow orders and he is loyal, and he too should have a grudge on Akatsuki and Sasuke so maybe him too.

Yeah Madara cant do shit with 9 tails until he seals 8, and it took quite a few members, quite a while, just to seal the 1 tails. Naruto has too much time to be saved or get away, even if they caught him now. Konoha knows where Madara's base is thanks to Kabuto. Im surprised Killa B lasted this long. All the pressure should fall on Naruto. In a ninja world where everything is in stake, I think that it would be safer to some ninja to just kill the last one, 9 tails jinjuriki so Madara cant get it and rule the world. That's where Im hoping this gets to. Nations divided between supporting and protecting the 9 tails, and those looking to kill the 9 tails.

As of Now, Raikage is credited for creating this alliance due to his brother, the 1st true alliance since the 5 Nations began, and when the 1st Hokage divided Buuji. I want Naruto to be credited for the true alliance for world peace like the 1st Hokage was. The alliance should fall for Naruto to build it back up from scratch with the stability of all Nations and villages in mind.

Just thought, 1st Sage divided the Juubi into Buuji. The 1st Hokage divided Buuji among the Nations. Wonder what Naruto plans to do with them, with his Sage body and powers, once he finally defeats Madara and gets his hands on that statue and all those Buuji. I expect he would somehow free the world of them forever with his jutsu that he created on his own.

I think many or most ninja dont really focus on creating new jutsu because it probably takes above average shinobi intelligence and chakra to come up with the theories and put in the physical time and work to achieve new jutsu worth bragging about or successfully using in battle. But if u are seeing different opponents on a regular basis and see what u are up against, u see what u must create in order to survive. Kinda like how at the chunnin exam finals, u got to know your opponent and have time to work based on what u have seen from them so far. Kakashi knew Sasuke needed speed and chidori for Gaara, and Jiraiya knew that Naruto needed Kyuubi chakra for Neji.

On the battlefield u come across everything, so to survive u consider what jutsu u need to learn or steal in order to be able to handle people with jutsu of this and that nature. The battlefield of war just instinctively makes u think, fight, and try harder than if u were in your village training or on an everyday mission, if u are truly strong. Only the strong survive, and some lucky ones too. I would think that with most ninjas, creating a new jutsu of their own likely comes from a need for a specific jutsu that they have in mind.

Now that Naruto has this new Sage body, and after he sees or hears what the new eyes Sasuke and Madara, and new body Kabuto can do, I expect Naruto to start pulling jutsus out of his ass, like they were there all along. The need will be there so he will learn to figure out the necessary steps like the 1st Sage did and Negato did. Naruto's Sage body is somehow in touch with nature and chkara and the true nature of shit. I think Naruto now has all he needs, more than anyone else, to create all the new jutsus in the world of his own.

Naruto may still need a break down of the general workings of seals, non Kage B hand signs, pecentage and flow of chakra, etc. that all lead to to the intended jutsu, but just the way that his body made Yamato react, I think it should just be natural for Naruto to eventually use possibly any jutsu he could imagine the equation for and work on it, kinda like ninja math. U want to prove space time travel or reviving the dead, add up the theory with your mind, chakra and a seal or more, and there u go, if u are that talented. 1st Sage had to create a theory and make it true when he locked Juubi inside his own body, able to use his powers, and passed on that technique he invented for future generations.
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