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Re: One piece 600 spoilers

Chopper: Usopp!
Usopp: Man, you've grown large! I bet you ride much better too!! How you've been doing?
Nami: It's true! He's much fluffier than before! *hug* It's been a while, Chopper!
Chopper: Huh!? Nami? (thinks of the fake Nami)
Oh yeah!! I'm glad to see you guys again, but this isn't the time for celebration!

Marine: Reporting from 46GR!! Countless pirates joining the Strawhat crew are gathering up here!
The captains I can identify are....
bounty 92 million "Deep wound" Albion
bounty 88 million Lip "Service" Doughty
Super Rookie (supernova) "Wethaired" Cariboo and "Bloodied" Coriboo brothers!!

Marine: Rumbar pirates acting captain, Humming Brook!!
You're under suspect for being the same person as this 33 million bounty pirate!!
We also have information that you are currently a crew of the pirate Strawhat Luffy!!
Soul King Brook.... no, Brook the pirate! You're under arrest!!
fan: .... it can't be...! Brook-sama!?
fan: The Soul King is a criminal!?
Manager: It's all over, Brook
Brook: I knew it was you, manager...
Manager: When you told us about your retiring plan in the dressing room... it came to us as a shock.
Just when your popularity was booming, and our business was just starting...!!!
You betrayed us!! Our company is finished!!

Marine: Put the instrument down, and show both your hands!
(top portion of the pic cut off, unreadable)
Brook: It's ok... my music has gained "power"!
Manager: Have you gone nuts!? You're over, Brook!!
Brook: Hey Manager... thank you for looking after me these years. And thank you for bringing me to this island.
This place is a bitter memory for us, the place of our defeat. An island of regret.
But it's also the island for our fresh start!! In the crew, my job is to liven up the adventure as a musician...!

Reporter: HQ! Please respond!!
Brook: He will one day become the king of all the seas!!
Silence does not suit our sail off1! OH BABY!!
Reporter: It's a scoop! A HUGE news!!
Brook: (I send this off to my beloved crew...)
This is my last Soul! Listen, YEAH!
(Luffy-san, let's go to the New World!)
Marine: Idiot, I said the live is cancel....
fan: Please let us listen just one more song! Let him sing!!
fan: Yeah!! I don't care what the Soul King is!!
Brook: See...? The music is on our side...
1, 2, 3, 4, "NEW WORLD!"
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