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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
You said it wasn't a "I want to ram you here and now" Yes. So now you agree with me. That's what I thought.

That's what I said, so why were you trying to refute it? He said yes whether he got it or not.

So now you're saying he's a fag for not getting it? Great logic buddy. Now you're making me defend him, shame on you.

You are not getting it. He isn't going to magically get smarter if Sasuke said or whoever. Just admit you're wrong. Overall he is gay but not in this instance.

@Numinous: I think he's a Pan-sexual. lolololol
Wait what did you think I was doing? Trying to pass it off as a no?

He's a fag cause he didn't get it. Any fucktard with no brains can realize what she was talking about. Or you must be thinking his IQ really is zero. There is a different context to what she said. As in, just helping her out. He could have seen the "let's fuck" just as clearly as "help me out". I think he's a fag. I don't care what the animators were thinking. The situation is gay, cause the joke didn't pass, after reading the shit he did in the manga.

Dunno why you took that literally cause it wasn't. In other words I was saying he pays more emotional attention to Sasuke cause he's only "interested" in him, which actually means he's gay.
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