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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
If Christians join this FC, does that make them Unitarians? ;-)

Seriously, why is this wrong? Freedom of the interwebs. If they want a club in an anime forum, fine. Perhaps they would begin to discuss Christian mythology or dogma as it relates to manga/anime stories or something like that. Naruto is about to pull a messiah move; I wouldn't mind a believer's take on that.
I normally have no problems with Christians. Most of my family and a few close friends are some denomination. What I have a problem with are the blind believers that go "follow us or be damned", which is the most hypocritical statement a Christian can make. I hate people that try to convert me to a belief that is illogical at best, dangerous/deadly at worst. I'm for freedom of speech and all, but I don't think this topic belongs on a forum that is dedicated to a few of the most popular manga/anime. Even in this part of the forum, this topic stands out like a sore thumb, Christianity amongst bleach/naruto fan clubs.

I even read a few posts in the beginning of the thread before I left for class and the hypocracy in the OP is astounding for the tenets of the faith. They specifically told another person to not post in this thread because they were of a differet faith and called out catholicism as not being a christian denomination because they place emphasis on Mary instead of focusing specifically on Jesus. I even saw bashing of the Jewish faith.
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