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Re: Who is the most powerful Claymore in Rabona?

Originally Posted by vengeance View Post
if you don't want to read spoilers on something don't go on internet forums.

Oh my god Snape kills Dumbledore!!

Okay, so Vengeance probably should have put a spoiler alert. But regardless, the first three words in his post were "In chapter 108." I mean, c'mon, some intelligence and proactivity ARE required on the part of the reader. He made it very clear to what chapter he was referring. He DID edit his post after the fact to include the spoiler tag. Why are we still arguing about this instead of engaging in the original thread topic? At this point I could make a valid argument that anybody not talking about Claymore in Rabona is spamming. It goes both ways. So can we please drop this and get back to the topic at hand. I'm actually very interested in this thread and veteran members arguing amongst themselves about spoiler tags is 1) a bit silly 2) obviously not going to change anything 3) detracts from the central (actual) theme of the thread.

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