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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
With how last chapter ended, there's absolutely no direction for predictions, in my opinion (people can still do one, I won't).

-Let's see, Tobi said he was going after the 9 tails at the end of one chapter.

-Next chapter, Kabuto volunteers to do so, actually, says he can take both.

-Next chapter, Kabuto instigates strife amongst the allied forces and has the island on lockdown, next chapter, he should be going after the hosts.

-Next chapter, Kabuto stops his assault, and instead of going after either of the hosts, brings back Yamato. Tobi then says, he's dying for war... WTF? Is anything interesting going to happen?

This is like how Pain said he was leaving for Konoha, however, haven't even sat out until chapters later...

-Maybe, Tobi will go, then, next chapter, decides to send Sasuke in, who decides to go attack Konoha instead. Tobi's response to that is "well, I should have known he'd go straight to Konoha. Well, looks like I'll have to take care of the hosts myself."

Kabuto says, "I've finished the Zetsu army. Let's send the best of them after Naruto and the the Hachibi."

Madara says, "Ok, I trust that with your newly gathered arms, you have prepared your for the task. I'll just go, you know, prepare for war."

See what's going on here?
The Six Paths of Pain all got laid by Konan. That's what took them so long bro.
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