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Re: Whats up

To be frank, I'm actually surprised(pleasantly so) at the caliber of wit to be found on this forum. I was skimming through that Naruto Homo thread, that shit is classic. I had figured Naruto to be fruity since the beginning. Thought it was obvious. There is a bit of side humor to it as well reading freak out posts that go something like. OMG NOOOO!! NARUTOS NOT GAY. HE IS GOING TO MARRY THE UNDER AGED CARTOON I MASTERBAIT TO NIGHTLY.

Does it really rock your guys world to hear Naruto is Gay? Or find it so hard to believe that another developed country would be struggling with the same kind ethical and cultural dilemmas as we are. Most specifically homosexuality. Much like our media becoming more prevalent with content of that nature. It should be safe to assume it is happening, in other nations of the world. Not that japan has shown any opposition against homosexuality, but you get my point.

This is kind of how I break that epic thread down.

Redguys: Narutos gay; Logic + proof + hilariously bombastic argument = Average fans head exploding.

"Narutards": Redguys are mean, sad face...

Intelligent fans: 4(x-10) + 87/13.00001 = manga factz, wish I was red.

The fact that there is so many rabid and unreasonable fans, that it required giving them a name(narutard). Would be depressing if I cared that much. Erosion...

PS: Any of you guys ever played UO? I am experiencing a very familiar dynamic with this red v blue going on here. PKing seemed to have left the game and reemerged has textual pvp. I like it.

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