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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

My predictions for chapter 515

Madara: Time to suck some information from him
Kabuto: If we can extract some from him, victory could be ours.
Zetsu: Whoa! That's the First Hokage copycat eh, Madara?
Madara: Yes! The power that defeated me almost 80 years ago. Time to turn the tides up.
Kabuto slowly changes, his whole face is now covered with white scales.
Madara uses the sharingan
Yamato uses a Wood Jutsu
Kabuto, Madara: !!!
Madara: Orochimaru you piece of shit! And you, Yamato, has complete knowledge of Hashirama's Mokuton?
Yamato: (could not get over from what happened) No!
Yamato performs seals
Yamato: Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu
Madara: Shit! That jutsu sucks my chakra.
Kabuto gets the Kusanagi Sword from his mouth
Zetsu: Shit! How could I forget Orochimaru?
Kabuto injures him, and he is slowly paralyzed.
Kabuto: This sword of mine has poison in it.
Zetsu: !!! That voice! It's slowly changing, he sounds like a sick man now, like Orochimaru used to be!
Madara: You surprised me, Yamato, time to go to Sasuke.
Madara warps, Zetsu follows.
Yamato: Where is he?
Kabuto: He's in the middle of fucking nowhere.
Kabuto: I have something to confess to you... They're my enemies.
Yamato: What? Didn't you just capture me to extract information.
Kabuto: Just to earn their trust.
Yamato: Orochimaru...
Kabuto: !!!
Yamato: He must've gained dominance over you.
Kabuto: Could be, or, our entities combined together to create one indestructible force. Kuku
Yamato: Can I ask you one thing? Why did you join Akatsuki?
Kabuto: To destroy them from within. Since Orochimaru-sama left this group, he vowed to put an end to it before you Konoha shinobis could. Being his servant, I only have two goals, one is to destroy this group and second, to avenge Orochimaru-sama, you know what I mean already, to either kill Sasuke Uchiha or take over his body.
Kabuto's confessions shocks Yamato!!!
Kabuto: You should thank him for you powers eh?

Giant Tortoise "island" scene

Tsuchikage: We must rescue him at all costs!
Naruto: Where's Yamato sensei? Aoba senpai?
Aoba: (still panicking) He got captured, Naruto.
The news angers Naruto
Naruto: I will put an end to Akatsuki.
Gai: Don't rush into things like that Naruto.
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