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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Open on Onoki taking Aoba out of the cement, falling over in the process.
Aoba: This stuff really is sticky.
Kurotsuchi: That's the point. [turns to Onoki] Let me help you, grandpa.
Onoki: I don't need your--OW! MY BACK!
Cut to Naruto and Bee.
Bee: Looks like it's over.
Naruto: Yeah, I wonder what happened.
Bee: Must have run into something violent.
Naruto: Well, let's get back to work. Is this bear male or female?
Bee: That's a raccoon, foo'!
Cut back to Onoki and co.
Motoi: Tsuchikage-sama, what was that you were talking about? About Madara's doujutsu?
Onoki: With Demonic Illusions, Madara could put Yamato-san in unbearable pain. It will only be for a few seconds, but will seem like days to him. Time won't be a factor for him.
Motoi: And with the intel Kisame gathered, they'll know everything they need to.
Onoki: Not quite.
Aoba: What is it, Tsuchikage-sama?
Onoki: I looked inside the home Roshi-sama was living in. I found a secret passage I never knew of, apparently meant for training. Roshi-sama wasn't there when Akatsuki captured him, so that should be safe.
Motoi: So, if this doesn't work out, we can hide them there.
Kurotsuchi: I don't think that will work. Naruto-sama and Bee-sama have both evaded capture by Akatsuki four times. They must be far to clever to fall for such tricks.
Cut to Bee and Naruto looking at a giant ape.
Naruto: I thought it was a monkey.
Bee: No, motherf***er! Monkeys have tails!
Cut back to Onoki.
Onoki: We don't have a choice. We can't let Akatsuki capture the Jinchuriki and can't allow them to go into battle. We can't let Naruto-san know about Yamato-san's capture either. If he's anything like I've heard, he'd rush to his rescue without thinking.
Aoba: That's Naruto all right.
Motoi: Naruto-kun has learned how to control the Kyuubi on his own. He no longer needs Yamato-san's help to suppress it.
Onoki: Perfect. You'll tell him that I came for a status report and that Yamato-san was needed back at the Leaf Village.
Kurotsuchi: Grandpa, don't you think we should leave another guard here to fill in for Yamato-sempai?
Aoba (to Akatsuchi): What's with her?
Akatsuchi: She's always been fascinated by Jinchuriki. She used to follow Roshi-sama around like a lost puppy. He moved to the mountains to get away from her.
Onoki: Very well, Kurotsuchi. You will stay and help guard Naruto-san and Bee-san.
Kurotsuchi: Thank you, grandpa! You won't regret this!
Onoki: I won't count on that.
Cut to Madara.
Yamato: I don't care what you do. I'm a member of ANBU, and I won't talk.
Kabuto: Oh I know that, Tenzo. Yes, I took a glance at your ANBU file, and I never forget a name. How has Naruto-kun been lately?
Yamato: You better not be hoping to be able to capture him. He's far to strong now.
Kabuto: I thought so. That's why you will be helpful...
[Kabuto takes Yamato into the Zetsu room]
Kabuto: ...for making more Zetsus.
Yamato: What the...?
Kabuto: Didn't you ever wonder why Madara chose those he did to be part of Akatsuki? Itachi because he wanted to keep an eye on him. Nagato and Konan because they had the drive to win. Kisame and Deidara because they had the power to win. But what about Sasori, Kakuzu, Hidan, and Orochimaru? Certainly they were powerful, but far to unpredictable. Orochimaru-sama was a perfect example of that.
Yamato is thrown in front of the Hashirama-pod.
Yamato: That's...
Kabuto: Part of Hashirama-sama. You, of course, knew that Hashirama had a wooden foot since his battle with Madara at the Valley of the End. Madara used Hashirama-sama's foot to make this--combined with the research of Akatsuki--to make an army...
Kabuto shoves Yamato into the Hashirama-pod.
Yamato: So this is why you declared war! You-HRR-already have an army.
Madara: Yes, Tenzo-san. And I don't want you to think you have any hope. It would be false hope. Because no one has escaped Zetsu.
Yamato: Really?
Zetsu: I expect nothing but the best from myself. Just like everyone...from the Uzumaki Clan.
Next: The Formation of Akatsuki
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