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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by KillerNN View Post
Its not literally love, more of a mutual respect and a way to treat someone. I never said that I'm good at it, or even do it. Just what I'm "required" to.
Are you saying that you should love others because you are required to? By whom? Is this person worthy of giving moral commands? If so, why?

No scientific evidence, but I was raised believing the Bible is truth. Thats what I'll continue believing.(As stupid as that might sound.)
Sorry, but "I believe because I believe it/have believed it" isn't a good reason.

God is God?
If I asked you what a plane was, would you be giving a good explanation by telling me it is a plane?

Even without Christianity, why not try to be a "good man"? Someone who respects others when respect is necessary, and treats others to their best ability?Unless a total douchebag, idiot, or retard I don't see why not.
You are missing the point. Why should one bother trying to be a good man, as in, what value is there in being a good man, besides not being a bad man?

There is no solid definition or label of a good man, it all depends on the person, their morals, and what they believe. Good man to me most definitely means something different than good man to you.
Don't you believe in your morals for a reason? Don't you believe that your idea of man is right because you can support it with logic? If not, how can you know that you are right?
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