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Re: Christians Unite FC

Originally Posted by Mibs
if someone chooses to have racist beliefs that they were raised to believe, then that is perfectly fine? And that person's stance is worthy of respect? Because, still, that's what you're implying here.
Originally Posted by KillerNN
I don't expect anyone to respect the religion, because its fucked.
Originally Posted by Mibs
If you think your beliefs are okay, then racist beliefs are okay. If you think promoting the idea that it's okay to believe in god is totally fine, then people promoting the idea that believing some people are better than others because of their skin color should be totally fine too. If having illogical beliefs is okay, then that should apply to ALL illogical beliefs.
I don't promote my beliefs, or even try to get people to believe them. Also, I've said this in almost every single post I've made in this thread and hopefully this will make it clear. I don't believe or follow the dumb ass beliefs most "Christians" follow today, (your going to hell if your bad, fuck non-Christians, Jews are bad) I have my own beliefs that I take from the Bible without all the negative shit Christians have shown throughout history. Also, what may seem illogical to one who believes the Bible and everything associated with it is false, might not seem illogical to someone raised on Bible faith. Obviously, a racist believes its logical to dislike someone of a different ethnicity, or skin color and us non-racists see that as illogical. It really depends on the point of view that you are given, and decide to act on. I think its pretty well known (and if not) I have damn good logic. To me, my beliefs are logical while to you they are stupid and illogical and again ; I respect that (as dumb Christians have made it hard for the religion to even SEEM LOGICAL ((UR G0IN 2 HELL N0NBEELEEVER)) <because of shit like this) .

I don't expect you to respect my beliefs, just as I don't respect (even though harmless) racist belief. And I know you are trying to help me, but where have I discussed my beliefs irrationally? My first post in this thread was #310, and I was insulting the idiots posting in this thread - not forcing what I believe on anyone. I didn't ask to join this stupid FC or even discuss Christianity initially. But,I appreciate your help bro.
Call me out on my stupid shit, and I'll return the favor.
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