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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I just thought of something, before the Akatsuki members were complaining that it took so long to drain the Jinks, of their bijuu. With the deaths of soooo many Akatsuki members, what happens now? I can't believe that it would take less shinobi to drain the highest 2 bijuu's. Okay, say Naruto's 'special', and that Madara can do something 'brilliant' with his EMS & Rinnengan to drain the final bijuu. But what of Killerbee, who's going to assist in the draining, Zetsu Clones? Kishi killed too many bad guys, left too many good ones living, and has screwed his own storyline.
they can use any number of ppl for it but the more ppl u have just means that it wont take that long. since akatsuki just has a couple of ppl just means that it will take longer to take out the biju from the host.

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Yeah, Oro's own always disappears instantly after he comes out, but Kabuto's own still seem to be around.

its proably there for a reason maybe its a new jutsu that he made with oro cells. or he just shed his skin and it means nothing at all.
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