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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

np dude
anyway ive made a follow-up , hope you guys like it

naruto 516: madara makes his move

-at the meeting of the 4 kages

raikage: i just received message that someone called kabuto has captured yamato ,the wood-element user

tsunade: shit, not yamato, hes one of strongest ninja in the leaf, luckely naruto learned how to control the kyuubi otherwise we would be even
in deeper trouble but still this is really not good news

gaara: so what should we do ?

raikage: we have to sent major back-up, a team witch 30 of the strongest ninja but who will lead this group ?

gaara: i will ( i will defend you naruto, i made that promise)

mizukage: yes let the young boy do it, hes got a lot of potential but i want to go too

tsunade: no mizukage , we need you here, apperently kabuto has learned the resurrection jutsu , we dont know which person he is capable
to summon and you have the capability to fight eather person with al your abilities and i have a gut feeling he wont go after naruto right now ( i know orochimaru is still mad at me so iam pretty sure he'll go after me )

raikage: good point , mizukage you stay here, you will lead together with hatake kakashi the troups here now we know where the enemy are we shall attack them

mizukage: ok then

gaara: iam off , good luck guys

at the island:

naruto: i feel that its madara but hes different

tsuchikage: its him , wheres the uchiha brat you are always carrying with you madara ?

madara: hes doing something else for me right now

naruto : huh ? didnt you want sasuke to fight me ?

madara: dont worry about that ( ive send sasuke to the 4 kages, he have to kill those guys and in the mean time i can test naruto's power out , he might even kill me
but luckely i have izanagi)

bee: ive heard of this madara-guy, he seems to be a legend but got crushed by the 1st hokage

madara: not really true but that doesnt matter right now , so naruto you got a new form now ?
i didnt expect you would be able to defeat the kyuubi but apperently this sennin mode is pretty powerfull, you have even defeat
the rinnegan with it

naruto : his name is nagato , dont be speak about him like that

nagato : well lets see how you will do against this rinnegan
-madara shows his rinnegan

naruto : what is this ? what did you do ?

tsuchikage: so you really did it madara, you insert one of your EMS-eyes in an uzumaki

madara: still as cunning as always oonoki, so naruto i guess you figured who the uzumaki was

naruto : nagato was an uzumaki , one of my clan members, this is getting too far, ive to stop this right now

madara: yep i discovered that if i insert one of my EMS in the eye of an uzumaki it will become the rinnegan
(normally i wouldnt have done it but when i had to use izanagi against the 1st ive lost one , so the other eye wasnt that usefull anymore
, it took me long to find a worthy uzumaki but it all worked, and i still have one sharingan of my father which is insert in my right eye)

naruto : you bastard
naruto flashes forward and breaks madara's mask

bee : wauw hes even faster then before

tsuchikage: wauw so the 1st gave you some scars ( that kid is even faster then his father , this will be interesting)

madara( i let my guard down but that wont happen again): so you have got some power naruto but i wont to fight you alone so ive brought some of my army

-suddenly 15000 zetsu's appear

naruto : bee, tsuchukage and other guys, handle those zetsu's , i have to avenge my father and mother

bee: np dattebayo

tsuchikage: dont boss around like that but well do it its a good oppurtunity to weaken madara's his forces

bee: this army is a bit strange, lets distract them

bee goes in hachibi mode and together with the tsuchikage he draws the attention of madara his army

madara: i guess its you and me, you have the body of the SO6P and ihave his eyes, lets see who is best

naruto : this isnt a game but ill do what the 1st failed in , KILL YOU AND FREE SASUKE OF YOU

madara( the disstraction is working , hopefully sasuke will succeed, but i dont have to think about that ): lets see if you are fast enought to evade lightning of the sky

naruto: euh ?

madara can use all kinda justsu's with the power of rinnegan , what will happen now ? and what about sasuke ? will he see his master(kakashi) again?
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