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Re: Whats up

^The game is Ultima Online. The official game is nothing like what it was when I quit in 2002ish. Besides the fact they removed the skill needed to play by making the once glorious combat system item based. It just got soft. Creating a duplicate world were the meek could go be safe from the hands of the sinister. Still worth a try if you are familiar with the Ultima series of rpgs.

However before EA bought Origin, and hammer fisted the micro-transaction model into it. Some clever guys made an open source emulator server. There are quite a few free servers up and running with dedicated staff and dev teams. I think the most populated ones maintain a 600 online player count at peak hours. Some do a good job recreating the glory days standing atop the four corpses of some over zealous mercenaries who dared to travel past the earshot of the local town guards. Then it was a race to take the key you just looted. Locate the players house it unlocks snatch the valuables. Then battle your way through the reinforcements he just frantically messaged for.

If that's not to your taste you can host your own server and let just your buddies connect. Its fairly easy to get up and running(easy on system resources as well), but if you want to make major customizations. It could require some knowledge of C#. With that you pretty much get the frame work to create your own orpg.

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