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Re: Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.5 Million Fine for Downloading 24 Songs

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Well, I certainly don't advertise this shit in RL. But this is the internet, so whatever. There's only 1 person on this forum that actually knows me in RL, and he's my brother. Whether or not people find it "cool" is irrelevant. It simply is what it is.
Poor word choice. My meaning was.
cool=morally acceptable

It just seemed like an odd thing to brag about. As Miduro said under extenuating circumstances I would not look at it so harshly either. However wobbling into your local Walgreens, and walking out with a pack of disposable bic razors. Does not equal you battling against a perceived injustice.

Plus I feel a certain satisfaction being able to plop down the plastic, and pay for the things I need. May not be able to afford the biggest TV or the nicest car, but I don't need those things either.

While all that is true, there are other factors involved like competition, and availability. I live in is a very small town that has only 1 grocery store, and they charge higher then average prices just because they know the nearest competitor is 20 miles away. They no it's more convenient for people to shop their and pay more, then for people to drive 20 miles and pay less, but spend more time doing so. That's why I feel no guilt stealing from those guys, because they are price gouging me to begin with.
It has been while since I worked in a retail environment, but the company I worked for had an acceptable/expected amount of loss per day/week/month. Now just having you steal their merchandise might not exceed that limit. Imagine though that a dozen or 100 people are stealing, and the loss is driven higher than whats acceptable. Your grocery store would then be forced to try and recover that money through 'raising prices'.

Thus you may inadvertently be battling against your own cause.
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