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Re: Cooking Time

aaah shit,c'mon guys..moar cooking less spam

ok feteer is the arabic word for pie,and please don't ask me what meshaltet means because i don't know how to explain it. just gave the name for those who feel like googling. and it's not like the pies you guys's different,believe me =(


5.5 C Flour

1 little spoon salt

1 big spoon sugar

1 egg

2.5 big spoons Oil

2 C water

Where C = cup

1- If you have one of those kitchen machines that deals with doughs then put every dry thing in thar 1st then pour the liqued shit and live it to get knead for not less than 15 mins.

2- then divide it to balls and then oil them or use Margarine if you'd like and then cover them with plastic paper without smothering them and leave them to rest for like 15 mins.

3- Now start doing this shit in the picture that i don't know how to explain in english,just roll over them with that red thing 'til they get very thin and when your done..brush it with oil before doing anything else.

now the pretty thing about feteer is that at this point you get to decide wither you gonna have it for the main dish or for dessert (Auto salute from me if your decision is both)

1- if you want it stuffed with nothing then : after you already made it thin like mentioned just put it in an oiled Tray and bake it on 200 degrees from 10 to 12 mins.

2- if you want it stuffed then : after you made it thin you can toss some loads of tuna - pastrami (our alternative for your bacon,pork eaters) chicken,meat mortadela or cheese [if your asking me about what i would prefer to stuff it with,it's the meat lovers mix (meat,pastrami,chopped sausage with olives and cheese on top or inside or both)

After you stuffed it; fold it on 2 then oil then fold it on 2 again then oil it again then get a tray and fucking oil it and put your feteera in it and press on it with your hands and then make sure its sealed from every corner so your shit wont ooze out in the oven,

3- If you want it sweet then you can be creative,stuff it with custard and spray some powder sugar and cinnamon mix on top is propably how i'd roll with it. Just don't ever use chocolate with it,trust me on this it's gonna suck.

I'll think more about easy to make stuff that you guys would like then post them.
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