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Re: Cooking Time

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
White Russian is an alcoholic beverage that tastes kinda like ice cream to me
It's a coffee flavored drink, numbnuts. I know there is a coffee flavored ice but "Ice cream" wouldn't be the first choice I would make for descriptors.

No I've had a White Russian which is why if the recipe he's describing has a similar taste I know it would be something I'd enjoy. I am unfamiliar with the ingredients here
By automatically going to "ice cream" as a flavor descriptor when talking about a White Russian, you automatically fail at drinks and proved you've never had one.

@Bold: if you are unfamiliar with the ingredients, why are you commenting?

Oh well... I suppose; those two things wouldn't have similar tastes. I was un-aware and under the assumption this was some sort of desert..
First strike.

I saw the word sweet and saw the honey and jumped to conclusions..
Second strike and the bolded is a usual thing with your posts. You clearly need to stop posting about shit you know nothing about.

I stand corrected.
This is becoming a common occurrence. One would think that you would learn by now to FULLY READ SHIT before posting.

You not only know nothing about alcoholic drinks, this proves you're a faggot as well.

No you don't you dumb hillbilly 3 toed sloth sit your drooling A.D.D. having ass down!
This is the best you could do? Really? Wow, you're getting more and more retarded/pathetic
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