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Re: Cooking Time

I like how you respond inside my quote to make me go into more effort to rip your shit apart. Are you that scared of my responses? Do you think I'm too stupid to not copy and past your idiotic replies?

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Your pallet says coffee.. mine says Icecream.. the kaluah and milk gives off a flaovor of icecream to me .. so like i said before dipshit ..It taste like Ice cream to me.. I didn't specify a flavor it could have been anythign from french vanilla to rocky fucking road so next time before you go to trying and harp on me comprehend what the fuck I post
You aren't helping yourself any. Quit while you're behind already. You have no clue what the hell you're talking about when it comes to flavors.

I've had them before man.. how else would I know the flavor as my taste buds interpret it as ice-cream?? you're not me so you can't speak for my opinions.. so quit trying ot be a smart ass and actually be smart.
I'm quite smart. I'm also a major smartass. Gift and curse, respectively. Unfortunately for you, you are neither. Seriously, how do you get "ice cream" from "coffee flavor"? I don't care who you are, there's no way you can get that interpretation unless you haven't tried one or the other.

Because i can.. this is the spam zone last time i checked
But spam zone isn't a place to be stupid.

It was a nod the the NBC Saturday morning campaign of "the more you know" but obviously the subtle joke was too complex for your feeble mind
I know what it's from, dipshit. But the fact that you not only used it, but colored the words in such gay ass colors make you a faggot, and a retarded one at that.

Nah I could have done better but didn't want to derail the thread with the plethora of disses I could hurl at a doofus such as yourself
Stop posting shit you don't know and it won't be derailed. And doofus? You claim to know a "plethora of disses" and you pull out "doofus"? Holy fuck this is getting weak.
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