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Re: Cooking Time

Originally Posted by OG View Post
fried rice with bacon. try it.

I make that all the time (with pastrami instead of bacon)<3

Just remember guys,don't wipe the egg as if you're making an omelet..just play around it with the folk 'til the yolk explodes then you're good to go.

Edit: i'd personally remove the carrots from there since carrots makes shit taste like honey when cooked IMO.

Originally Posted by CONFIRMED!! View Post

I normally have them with rice. What about you?
I have them in sandwiches with alot of tahina salad.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Ahhhh... it was probably the water content of the onion. Thanks!

And yeah, coriander. Just didn't feel like counting out the spices.
I actually went and waked my mama to ask her about proper kofta ingredients last night and she told me to gtfo,so i asked her to day and she told me all about how to make it delicious..

The secret ingredient is actually some sheep fat (about from 200 to 250 grams) that will give it the eastern kofta flavor your looking for

just get these stuff for your next time making kofta..

1 cup smooth bread crumbs (instead of the wet toast thing)
salt-pepper-spice-cinnamon and ginger
minced onions,parsley and coriander

1-Mix every thing with your hand 1st then put it in the food processor on medium speed and don't rush it and put the whole portion at once,just wait for it 'til it gets smooth (that's another thing to not make it break down)

2-then the dough will look like this..

and you know the rest..

as for the coal trick thing,i forgot to tell you that you must smear some butter on the peace of coal before you put it in the bowl with the kofta. but this trick isn't really improtant since the secret of flavor lies within the sheep fat.

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