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Re: Cooking Time

@klaung~ question..After i cook the blended stuff lets say i want to make a chicken rojak,should i dip the chicken in the that sauce thing we cooked then deep fry it like a chicken pane?

It looks delicious actually,i like fried stuff. and cholesterol care is for pussies.

Originally Posted by CONFIRMED!! View Post
I don't know what tahina salad is, but it sounds good.

Also, I visited Dubai about 2 months ago, and they had this type of food they called Molekhia.(I think that's what it was) It was probably one of the best foods that I have ever tasted..ever!! It's on my top 10 list.


Tahina salad is some sort of sauce that is made out of tahini with no vegetables included yet still called a salad. is good.

It's pronounced "Mulukhiyah" and yes it is delicious,you can eat it with white rice or bread..some people cook it with bunnies inside it but we never did that in my family.

Originally Posted by OG View Post
pastrami =/= bacon

i like carrots.

carrots dont make stuff taste like honey wtf kinda taste buds u got <.<
Alright gtfo my kitchen >=(
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