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Re: Cooking Time

NOW I am gonna post a good 5-meal dish. I hope you enjoy it

Appetizer; Butter Steamed Halibut with Lobster Chili Mayonnaise, Beetroot in Glace and Squash Tower

Shopping List, 4 servings:
400 G-Halibut fillets
200 G Lobster Tails
1 red chili
little oil
100 G Beets
1 zucchini
200 G of butter
Red wine
50 G butter

Take a large pot and pour a butter and let it melt - add a little water
and place a shallow dish upside down on the bottom. Put Greenland halibut then and put a lid
on top - let the vapors so complete - takes approx. 10-15 min. MAX! - Remember to watch!

Blend the chili with a little oil until it gets marinade and pour over lobster tails
let them stand in refrigerator overnight. If in itself will make mayonnaise, I believe that
it consists of 5 egg yolks, beaten whites, gently whisk which one half liter of oil.
Cut the beetroots into the shape you now want them, place them in an ovenproof dish and bake
tender in the oven. In a pan, you reduce approx. 2 DL Clark, and just before you pour your
glace over the baked beetroot, you 50 G butter and let it melt together with.

Take your squash and cut the ends off. Then you cut it into 2 equal pieces, which
you then divide tilted. If you have a grill pan with ridges, then grill them with a
nice mark the places it has been cut, so do not take the green color
and bake in the oven.

Small, ekstra dish; Lemon sorbet with muscat-poached pears.

Shopping List, 4 servings:
½ Liter Lemon Sorbet - or make it yourself
1 lemon
2 pears

Cut your bulbs in very small pieces of 1X1 cm. and put them in a pot filled with muscat wine ..
Cut the lemon into 4 pieces and put it together with the pears and pockets them easily. Let them cool overnight.
Put rabarbarsorbeten in glass and place the apples on top and serve

Main Course; Pesto Grilled Veal Tenderloin on a bed of fresh mushrooms, new potatoes
And port wine sauce.

Shopping list, 4 servings:

1 Veal tenderloin, approx. 1 Kg.
Homemade or purchased pesto - take your pick
400 g mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and portobello mushrooms
400 G New Small Potatoes
1 fl. Red Port
½ L. Whipping cream
1 Liter Ox Bouillon / Fund.

Butter your veal tenderloin into pesto and roast until 3 X 15 min between each frying
there should be 10 min. where it is just lies and collector

Cut your mushrooms into small pieces and fry in a pan with butter, salt and pepper.

Reduce your port wine by half, add the fund and reduce again by half.
add cream and season to taste.

Small, extra dish; Orange Panna Cotta with Liquorice Sorbet and Jerusalem artichoke chips

Shopping list, 4 servings:

4 oranges
½ Liter Cream
75 G Sugars
2 leaves of gelatine
1 vanilla stick
100 G Jerusalem artichokes
50 g sugar
little water.

Boil the cream, sugar, and vanillemarven together, then remove from heat, boil and add
the freshly squeezed orange juice and the softened gelatine - pour into shape and put on ice.
If they will not out of shape, you can put them in a bowl with boiling water for a moment.

Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and cut them into thin slices. Mix sugar and water together and
deep Jerusalem artichoke slices down - put them on a baking sheet with wax paper, then place
a cookie sheet on top of Jerusalem artichokes - behind those golden at 110 degrees in oven.

Dessert; caramelized strawberries flamed in vanilla vodka

Shopping list, 4 servings:
400 G Halve strawberries
Vanilla Vodka
Caramel Sauce
Buttermilk, beaten and whipped cream

Mix Jorba with Caramel on pan, add vodka and flambé
Serve with whipped Buttermilk.
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