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Re: Cooking Time

Another one for you right away..


125 grams foie gras
125 grams veal cheeks
bay leaves
2 Tbsp. cognac
1 tsp. lemon
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. salt

1 dl. raisins
1 orange juice and grated peel them
½ dl. sugar
1 dl. water
2 Tbsp. toasted almonds

Boil Calves jaws in salted water and bay leaves for about 1 ½ hours, cooled and freed from tendons and fat. Foie gras cleaned of tendons, membranes and blood vessels, then picked into small pieces. Calves Jaws, foie gras, salt, pepper, lemon and brandy stirred together. The mass determined on domestic film and rolled tightly into a sausage, poach them in hot water for 4 minutes, then cool in ice water.

Juice and peel of orange, sugar and water boiled into syrup with whole raisins and toasted almonds are added before serving.

There are cut approximately 3 cm thick slices of the tureen, Serve with raisins and almonds in syrup and thinly sliced toast.

Main course:

1 Chateaubriand of beef tenderloin, 500 - 600g
Salt and pepper

300g mushrooms
20g butter
A small handful of parsley

Haricots verts in infancy:
4 large slices of air dried ham
4 small handfuls haricots verts or green beans

1 ½ cups good strong red wine
2 cups beef broth

A good knob of butter
Salt and pepper

Haricots verts instead of the symphony and krydderstegte asparagus

Potato fondant

(For 4 people)

4 pcs. baking potatoes
100 grams organic butter
2 sprigs thyme
salt and pepper


Baking potatoes peeled and each baking potato cut a large rectangle.

A thick-bottomed pan greased with cold butter in the bottom. The potatoes on top and cover with water. Then add rest of butter and thyme. On top of the potatoes down a piece of wax paper and put the pot over.

Let the potatoes fumes in approx. 10 minutes and then remove the baking paper and add salt and pepper. The potatoes cook on under low heat until all the water evaporates.

When the butter is browned, remove pan from stove. Let them rest in pan for approx. 10 minutes so that the potatoes can be reversed and again put on the stove and be browned on the other side.

The potatoes must be seasoned with salt and pepper before serving

Tenderloin! Prepare this if you wish - whether it's on forehead, in an oven or poached in a good foundation - as long as only seasoned with salt and pepper, then it will even come up with the rest of the flavor.


200 grams of pure, dark chocolate
200 grams butter or margarine
4 eggs
160 g. sugar
150 g. flour
1 dl. coarsely chopped nut kernels
1 tsp. baking powder.

Grated chocolate and whipped cream, 1 cup whipping cream.

Use a 1 ½-liter tin with loose bottom. Butter it well and sprinkle with flour, chopped nuts or coconut. Turn oven to 225 degrees. Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in water bath. Melt the fat and let it cool a little. Pour fat and chocolate together. Beat eggs and sugar thoroughly and add the chocolate mixture gently. Mix flour, nuts and baking powder and fold into batter with gentle movements. Pour into the baking tin and bake for 15 - 20 min. When cake has cooled, garnish with the coarsely grated chocolate. Finally added a nice edge whipped cream on the whole show.


Cut the cake into thin pieces. It is compact and satisfy

Caramel Blur:

Melt sugar in a non connector pan until it is liquid

Use a reusable piece of wax paper tag a spoon and dip it in caramel and make small nests by making a little bit of caramel drip onto the baking paper, but you drive around, take it off when it's cold enough that you can touch and use them instantly. You can also do other things eg. hearts by giving them a push at the top before they become completely rigid

Vanilla ice cream:

6 egg yolks
250 g. sugar
1 vanilla pod
½ l milk
2 ½ cups. cream

tag 7.5 dl milk 5 cups cream. so it's perfect

Come egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and scrape vanillekornene in. Whisk together. Bring milk to boil with the rest of the vanilla. Pour the milk into the egg mixture while flogged. Pour back into saucepan and warm it up. It must not boil. Whisk constantly. Take it from heat and whisk while it cools. Mix the cream in, pour into a mold and freeze.

Be careful, it crystallizes..
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