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Re: Fandom Banner Voting Thread.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Just found out that we'll probably need to get an okay from the fandom furry guy for any of the banners that we plan to use. And he'll probably say no to some of them, like maybe Jaxon's... I dunno why, I think it's the shit. But yeah... = (
There is no reason for him to reject any banners,He made it quit obvious that he doesn't give a flying fuck about what banner is taking place here..
no seriously just go google "Naruto Sasuke" and you'll see that fanmade picture in the 1st line of the 1st page ..

i followed the link and it took me to some "free animu wallpapers" site..which is probably where he cropped it from,typed down the words on it and splashed it here without a second thought.

Or maybe i could be wrong and hes actually still a narutard and thinks this banner is cool. Hell,not even narutards would think this banner is cool..the guy is a total weeboy fag either ways.

You should get him in here where people can confront him and shit.
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