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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by superninja View Post
Chill out dude, didn't you read Gara vs Deidara fight? Gara blocked all his explosions including the one that would have destroyed the sand village. vs Rock Lee Gara was not yet at the kage lvl and he only used the sand from his gourd. Now Gara can use the sand from his surroundings.
And he can fly, meaning he is out of Killerbee's reach if he wants to be. Ofc Killerbee would win if he goes as close to Gara as Rock Lee did, the lightning blades can cut through his ultimate sand defense, but I am arguing that Gara would keep his distance, in short it is a case of range vs melee. And I prefer range.
There's a big difference between a blast, and a blade. I shouldn't even have to explain this, but whatever.

A blast spreads out in every direction. Every square inch of the sand is simultaneously absorbing the impact. A lightning infused sword targets a precise point in the sand, and channels all it's power through it. As such it has far more penetrating power then the blast does.

Just to drive the point home, you can take the fight between Gaara and Kimimaro. Gaara's ultimate defense came very close to being destroyed. Now if that's from just using a sharpened bone, I'm sure a lighting enhance blade would be much stronger. Gaara doesn't use that technique all the time either. It takes time to ground down the mineral in the earth, and gather them for that technique. This means if KB can deliver a sword attack on par with Gaara's Ultimate Defense, then any defense inferior to that won't work.

Now if Gaara tries to stay out of KB's range then fine, but it takes chakra to support the sand up in the air. It's a double edged sword for him to do that. On the one hand, if he has just enough sand to support him in the air, it won't be enough to stop a menacing ball blast, and he gets annihilated. On the other hand, if he does take a shitload of sand into the air with him, he has to expend a lot of chakra to keep it up there. KB can afford to wait for him to run low on chakra and come down. Gaara on the other hand can't afford to come down to the ground level. Because as soon as he does, KB goes tailed-mode and uses that insane speed and power of his attacks and takes his head off. It was shown when he and Raikage did their double lariat on the Kisame clone that their speed was about the same, as long as KB is in the tailed mode. So you see, it may seem Gaara is being smart by staying out of KB's range, but in reality KB's the one that's pushing him into a corner (so to speak). His chakra isn't infinite though, so at some point Gaara's gonna have to come down.

Originally Posted by itachikillsnaruto View Post
if its a simple battle with out hachibi gaara would when cause of his defense, killer bee would have to stay safe distance and use lighting pencil to atk gaara.

i agree with most ppl if its a biju battle hachibi will beat te shukaku cause its eight against one and bee has better control over his biju then gaara.

in terms of skill i would say gaara and bee are about even that is with out the biju's gaara did make kazekage after all and he has the skill and smarts to match.
I just got to point out, that Gaara still had his bijuu when he became hokage. They just let him keep his job after it got taken out because he's still a good shinobi without it. It didn't really take away from his skills by not having it, except for not having his automatic defenses anymore, and having less chakra, but that's not really a big deal.

I still think he's over hyped though. Besides from his siblings, former sensie, and Sasori, name a bad ass ninja from the sand village. The thing is their is none. The sand village was already the weakest village even before the war with konoha. After the war they should have been even more devastated. I mean we saw how short handed Konoha was afterwords, and they were the winners in that conflict. The fucking sand should have been on the verge of collapse.

My point with all this is simply this. The sand village is a shitty 2nd rate shinobi village. Being named the leader of that village isn't some big honor. It doesn't instantly make Gaara awesome and shit because he's Kazekage. It's basically the equivalent of being named Valedictorian of summer school, or telling somebody that out of all the idiots he's the least stupid guy.

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