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Re: Suddenly, robots!

Originally Posted by Anomaly View Post
lolwut?! Oh yeah, I forgot. It's real mature to play with toys.

Seriously?! And its not childish to play with action figures. But you probably need to cling on to them to survive, I can understand that.
Maturity is knowing when to be serious, and then realizing that those times are few and far between
since when did being a mature adult mean you have to be such a drag

edit: don't know how i missed mals post that said this....^^^^^

i'm confused about how setting up models in poses and taking pictures of them, as often happens when people build models, suddenly became something we cling to for life.

Also, some one mentioned leaving toys in the box?
you sure are silly; if you leave your model kit int he box it'll remain unbuilt.

anyways, why are you so afraid of adults with models that set them up and take pictures of them?
you seem to have a hatered for them like you have a hatered for child porn.
i think you hate child porn....

what are you so afraid of?
a reaction this stornge comes from only a few emotions, such as fear or jealousy.

before someone meantions it, anger is often a way of hiding fear, or disguising jealousy, anger doesn't count as a cause -_-

TL;DR: You have ridiculous misconceptions
why you so scared?

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