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Re: Suddenly, robots!

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
due to the fact that is was stated in a text format, i read it as you know we cling to toys for life,and you understand the concept of needing to cling to something for surival and happiness.

Then, according to you, it wasn't my fault. You read it in a different way.

I understand that concept pretty fine. But unfortunately for you, I didn't apply it to that sentence.

unfortunately i didn't feel any emotion in the that text... due to the fact that it's text
A person can understand sarcasm even if it is written in text.

also, you're ruining our relationship
what you want to say is "when you take my words out of context, it makes me feel like you don't really listen to all that i have to say, although i know you don't intend to hurt me by doing so"

and then i'd explain, "Oh baby, i didn't realize you felt that way, i will try to remember in the future to use the quote function on the whole paragraph instead"

then we'd be back in love
Hmmm..what's all this nonsense with the couple talk. If your using it as an example, then it is a very bad one. You are one crazy chic.

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That makes ladies sing the blues

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