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Re: What book are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by candy View Post
To say who's prose is best is a matter of taste; to say BS's prose is good is delusion. And why do you think im trying to talk you out of reading the series? I was compelled to let any poor soul who wanders in here know that ALOT of people think WoT terrible for a myriad of reasons.
Again, you are perfectly entitled to YOUR opinion. But you don't need to push it onto others. Someone comes in asking about it, we'll give our opinion on it and let them take it from there. No need for you to scare someone away from something they may or may not enjoy. The series is a good series. Like every other novel in existence, there are things that could be done differently. In MY opinion, as well as ACt/Nerox/others (more people than the haters), the series is well written and sucks a person in.

Someone comes in and asks for suggestions and we give them. Whether or not they take those suggestions is up to them. We don't press someone into reading a book (seriously, at least).

It's called broadening one's horizons. You should try it sometime instead of slamming an entire genre. I would recommend Goosebumps as a start.
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